So happy to have our niece ,Becky, here for a couple of months. She is an ICU nurse in the states but taking some time off to help New Vision Ministries here in Montrouis. She is teaching at New Vision Academy but one of her true loves is art. Here she is sitting with two of our beaders working on the exact dimensions to get that perfectly round bead! It's harder than you think. After many attempts and Youtube tutorials, I think she got it! It was close to midnight last night,. but her persistence paid off. ROUND BEADS! It's an exact formula of width to length. The paper must also be cut perfectly in long  isosceles triangles. We want to say thanks also to Darren Kunar from Pineridge church in NC for sending paper, cutting boards, and x-Acto knives with extra  blades to help our beaders get that perfect cut. Becky is planning on having instructional times in the fishing village with all these wonderful new tools. Amazing that we picked up Becky from the airport the same day we were able to pick up our new supplies from Darren that had arrived through Missionary Flights International. "God knows" as they say in Haiti.


We are into our third week of school and all the kids seem to love it. Lots of happy smiling faces  greet us each morning .  We meet together in the morning for our prayer time, Bible study, memory verse, character focus, and English and French vocabulary for the week. Each week we have vocabulary  by theme. The first week was parts of the body, second week was clothing, and this week is transportation. Our  Godly character  focus for October is love, God's love for us and how we are to show love to others. At the end of the week each child has a chance to recite their verse and vocabulary words. They earn points by this and also by  exhibiting good behavior and work habits.. They are allowed to " go shopping " in our school store on Friday. Our students are divided into 4 classes by age. Even within these classes we have quite a wide range of academic and language abilities. We have a total of 18 students. Pictured here is our preschool class working with Miss Kourtney. Learning  to obey and follow directions is a big part of their day!. They are truly blessed to have this sweet young lady as a teacher and example. She loves the Lord and it shows!

Hello again from Haiti,
We arrived back in Haiti on September 10th with our suitcases loaded down with schoolbooks for the first year of New Vision Christian Academy. Last year Carolyn taught Anna, Jacob, Shamma, and JP in English, but this year we'll be teaching these four as well as all fourteen of the children who live at our children's home in English and French. French is the official language of Haiti so we hope to give our children the greatest advantage possible for a full productive life. One of our teachers grew up in West Africa and is fluent in French!
The reason for having our own school is two-fold. One is to provide a better academic education for the children. Several are far behind the grade level they should be in and were in danger of being dismissed.  Others are very bright but are not working up to their ability. The second reason is the most important. It's to provide consistent, comprehensive, and accurate Bible training. Good Bible teaching is lacking in Haiti  so we want to use this wonderful "open door" of opportunity to teach children God's Word correctly at a young age. We see this as the first steps in " Making disciples of all nations."
Our teachers are all here and we are already busy setting up the classrooms upstairs at the mission. Our first day of school is September 23rd. And believe it or not, that's early! Haitian schools don't start until Oct. 1st this year. 
Tom has already started back with regular medical clinics here in Montrouis. He still  oversees the medical care for our young girl with type 1 diabetes and two with HIV at the children's home. Our staff has done a wonderful job learning how to manage their medicines. He is also often "on call" for medical care for both Haitians and missionaries. Just yesterday some missionary friends from our English speaking fellowship group brought a tiny little baby girl who had been brought to them. This couple works with an orphanage in St. Marc, and this sweet little baby was 8 months old and only 5lbs. I know that's hard to believe, but we all stood watching while they weighed her. The grandmother has just recently become the caregiver for the child and came for help. Tom examined the baby and ordered blood tests which were all negative for HIV, typhoid, malaria, anemia, etc. That was wonderful news! She will eat and appears hungry. The grandmother is getting some assistance with formula now and will be referred to a clinic for malnutrition. This little girl has a chance. We're hoping her problem is just severe malnutrition. Of course in the states doctors would be able to do more tests. Please pray for the baby and grandmother. We know our friends, Bev and Al, will be faithful to share the gospel with this family as they help with their physical needs.
The beading program has expanded, and we now have fishermen, their wives , and others as well as the original ladies working.The quality of the beads is also improving. There is a group in CA making and selling jewelry from these beads too.  Mowi Beads is based out of Concord ,NC. We're on Facebook and you can order jewelry and beads from Mowibeads.com  Be sure to check it out. When buying their beads you are helping families and individuals pay for the necessities of daily living as well as schooling and other expenses. For some it truly makes the difference of whether or not they have food every day.
Operation Hope from Lubbock , TX  has a surgical team here now and New Vision has been assisting in the logistics of transportation and communication with the local hospital.
The Hattens are all fine, and Anna and Jacob are enjoying their last few days before school officially starts. Maybe they'll learn some French this year along with their Creole. We had a wonderful summer home with all our friends and family. We are so thankful for all your prayers and support. Please feel free to share this email with anyone you think might be interested in the work in Haiti.
Our pastor in NC recently taught for a couple of Sundays on the Great Commission in Matt. 28. We were so encouraged  as he focused on the fact that as Jesus was commanding them to go into all the world to make disciples, He said all authority in Heaven and on Earth had been given to Him! So we know our job is to be faithful and Jesus will bring the increase!
Blessings to you and your family,
Tom, Carolyn, Anna, and Jacob
For more info and pictures go to hattensinhaiti.com

We have a big praise...the houses for the refugee families were completed this  week and we had a little ceremony turning them over to the families this  afternoon.  It was great to see God do this, even when we couldn't see how  it could be done with the resources and time that we had.  He provided
land, a good construction crew that did the work well and in a timely manner,  water for the building project (no small task on this high and dry place) and  many other things to bring this together.  Dago did a great job of  coordinating the work.  The families were very happy with the houses.   God is good!


Maestro is the nickname of a wonderful young Haitian man on our New Vision leadership team. He is a gifted musician and leads several choral groups here in Montrouis. He also is pastoring a church and has a heart for reaching the Haitian people with the Gospel. He is leading a devotional here with the patients before clinic begins.  Tom ,Dennis, and Sara hold regular medical and eye clinics here twice a week. They are excited to be providing long term care for patients in this area. Pray that they can show God's love by meeting both physical and spiritual needs.


Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but
in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Phillipians  2:3-4

 This was one of my main texts for Bible study this past Thursday with 11 of the 12 fishermen. I read and taught in Creole for the first time with a little help from Frantz when I got stuck.

 This week containers from the Barbados government were released from customs and delivered and unloaded in Montrouis. They contained sailboats, building supplies, solar panels, sewing machines, rice
and much more.  All the items were not designated for New Vision but for another mission in the same area as well. Our fishermen along with others were helping unload as arguments began to break out.  Two men were even fighting over padding material that was just left over.  I don’t think as Americans we can
truly understand the level of desperation some of these men feel while trying to meet their basic needs of life here in Haiti. That padding was probably going to be someone’s bed.

 When our cultural differences seem too great God’s word speaks to the heart. We talked about God’s attitude toward us  and how we should treat each other with the same kind of love, especially our brothers in Christ.  I was trying to encourage the men to work together as a group as they will have to share these fishing supplies and will need to help each other with construction on their houses. 

Dr. Reeves started a relationship over 3 years ago with these men by coming along side of them in their daily struggles and sharing God’s Word and love with them. Please pray that Dennis and I will be able to continue this relationship and that Christ’s love will shine through our lives and His name will be lifted up. 


This week we had a great team from Hickory, NC teaching classes in decipleship. They taught  in Wesner's church during the day and Frantz's in the evenings for three days. They also spent two days teaching in St. Marc as well. The empahsis was using Christ's model to pour ourselves into another individual while  studiying scripture,  sharing the Gospel and  trainng them to do the same thing. One team member taught in our English church this morning and stressed that building the church is building people. Even some members of this team were being trained during their week here and will hopefully lead teams at home and in other countries as well.  Their hope is to return several times a year and begin taking teams with nationals to other places in Haiti. One person mentioned they had not heard this being taught in the church here and would like to take a team to their home church in Port au Prince.

This has to be one of my all-time favorite pictures of the kids at the mission. Just like kids anywhere, they love working on "projects." This picture was taken last month by our son, Will , while he was visiting us in Montrouis. This old bicycle has slowly been losing its parts to other "projects" but this day was being lovingly repaired. I really like the way they're all working together and trying so hard to make it all fit. Looking at those two different tires, I don't think this bike is really ever going to ride again , but they had a good time trying.

This past Saturday Tom and Jaocb helped unload almost 400 boxes of rice for Together We Can / Haiti. This is a ministry we work closely with here in Montrouis. Each box contains 36 meals and will be used in local school and feeding programs. Many of these meals will go to the fishing village of Kalalinde. Even this won't last for long. There are many other schools that would like to participate in these feeding programs. Just today Tom and Dennis had to turn down another request from a school for rice for their students.

Ten of our kids here at Celebration Children's Home are school age and have been sponsored  by Gaston Christian School for this school year. I think I only caught 8 in this picture with two of our little pre-schoolers looking on. Our days start early and everyone is up with the sun getting ready! They love school, but we're not much help with homework since it is all in French. The children speak Creole so this is a situation  we could use some help with. Anyone who is fluent in French could have a wonderful ministry opportunity here.  The official language of Haiti is French and school and grade exams are all in French as well.