3rd,4th, and 5th graders acting out skits at the end of their unit study on ancient Rome.

We are staying in our friend's " apartmen"t this month. It's at the Indigo Hotel which is where we've stayed before. These apartments are really made up of two regular rooms with part of the wall removed. We don't have a kitchen but we were able to make a spaghetti dinner with a hot plate and a mini crock pot. What it lacks in cooking space it more than makes up for with a beautiful place on the beach and  AIR CONDITIONING!!!
Our curriculum shelf organized and ready to go. WoooHooooo! Lots of folks worked on this one. Wish we had a before and after shot :-)
The first and second grade teacher is having a reading group outside
This is an old Lincoln County school bus. Nice cool breeze with the windows down!
On each school morning Anna and I waited with other teachers and students staying at the Indigo Hotel for the New Vision Bus to pick us up. The Bus started at the Mission about a mile away with teachers staying there, picked us up then about 9 miles to St Marc. We picked up Joy and her kids then on to the school. I helped cleaning and organizing curriculum in the library and worked with one of the teachers in the 3rd 4th and 5th grade class. Anna loved helping out in the kindergarten class but when we go back it's school work for her!