This week we had a great team from Hickory, NC teaching classes in decipleship. They taught  in Wesner's church during the day and Frantz's in the evenings for three days. They also spent two days teaching in St. Marc as well. The empahsis was using Christ's model to pour ourselves into another individual while  studiying scripture,  sharing the Gospel and  trainng them to do the same thing. One team member taught in our English church this morning and stressed that building the church is building people. Even some members of this team were being trained during their week here and will hopefully lead teams at home and in other countries as well.  Their hope is to return several times a year and begin taking teams with nationals to other places in Haiti. One person mentioned they had not heard this being taught in the church here and would like to take a team to their home church in Port au Prince.

The training you provide is really very useful, so thank you for the job. I want to read more information. Take care.


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