This has to be one of my all-time favorite pictures of the kids at the mission. Just like kids anywhere, they love working on "projects." This picture was taken last month by our son, Will , while he was visiting us in Montrouis. This old bicycle has slowly been losing its parts to other "projects" but this day was being lovingly repaired. I really like the way they're all working together and trying so hard to make it all fit. Looking at those two different tires, I don't think this bike is really ever going to ride again , but they had a good time trying.

12/23/2012 02:24:24 pm

You guys are doing great!!! You bless us so much!!!

10/18/2013 05:32:14 am

Was browsing through Weebly when I stumbled here


Children are the most important in the life. I am so proud for you. You are the great person, who always help others. I admire you! Thank you for sharing with us the piece of your kindness.


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