We arrived in Haiti three days ago and have been staying at Club Indigo. This is a very nice western style hotel on the beach, complete with a big pool and air conditioning! This is where we've stayed on previous trips and even stayed in one of the apartments for a month. We've enjoyed our stay but  are now getting ready to move to Celebration Children's Home. We're excited to be staying with the kids at the mission and looking forward to improving our Creole. By the way, no AC and very limited electricity. So we won't even have fans all the time.
Here's a picture of our Indigo room. Can you tell we only have one electrical outlet? 

This is a picture of the second floor where we'll be living at the mission. The mission office and five rooms are on this flo

whitney bartlett
8/24/2012 11:22:39 am

hey i will be arriving sept 29 i am a local pa with an lpn with me. great friends wiyh joy and kerry my stay will actually be counted cme so u can work us to death. i feel like thats my second home so excited to meet u guys


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