We are staying in our friend's " apartmen"t this month. It's at the Indigo Hotel which is where we've stayed before. These apartments are really made up of two regular rooms with part of the wall removed. We don't have a kitchen but we were able to make a spaghetti dinner with a hot plate and a mini crock pot. What it lacks in cooking space it more than makes up for with a beautiful place on the beach and  AIR CONDITIONING!!!
Our curriculum shelf organized and ready to go. WoooHooooo! Lots of folks worked on this one. Wish we had a before and after shot :-)
The first and second grade teacher is having a reading group outside
This is an old Lincoln County school bus. Nice cool breeze with the windows down!
On each school morning Anna and I waited with other teachers and students staying at the Indigo Hotel for the New Vision Bus to pick us up. The Bus started at the Mission about a mile away with teachers staying there, picked us up then about 9 miles to St Marc. We picked up Joy and her kids then on to the school. I helped cleaning and organizing curriculum in the library and worked with one of the teachers in the 3rd 4th and 5th grade class. Anna loved helping out in the kindergarten class but when we go back it's school work for her!

It's been a good busy day. Anna was most impressed while watching goats playing on the side of the mountain and kids riding to school on moto's while we waited for the bus to pick us up today. Tom and others hiking up in the mountains for a clinic in the am. It's raining hard tonigh , might be a very muddy hike. Dr Reeves trying to remove splinters/barbs from a little girls eye in the morning. Please pray.
Hello again, We had a great day in Port yesterday. We went to a "Home Depot type" store and a huge grocery store. They were stocking up and we were taking inventory to learn what we can find here. The answer is just about anything :-) Anna learned to hang on tight as we crossed the roads there.

Today we went to the Montrouis International Fellowship (the new English speaking church) It was wonderful and what an encouragement to the missionaries working in the area. Tomorrow Anna and I will be back at school and Tom and Kerry are meeting with doctors at at nearby hospital. Anna had a good time swimming this afternoon.

Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for health, safety, and God's leading as we make our plans to return in August.
Hello again from St Marc. We've had a busy full two days. Tom and others held a big clinic at one of the churches about an hour and a half north of St Marc. Saw over 100 patients. Today Anna and I helped while we cleaned and organized the library at the school. Found LOTS of good curriculum for next year :-)

Had dinner tonight at the mission. So good to see everyone. All the kids have grown! Going into Port tomorrow. Anna is having a wonderful time. She's learning a litttle Creole and thought it was fun to pick an almond right off the tree.

Thanks for all your prayers. We know our friends and family are holding us up.
All packed up and leaving for Haiti in the morning. Anna's first trip! Thanks for all your prayers.
This was Anna's question as we packed up her doll houses and several other belongings of hers and Jacob's to be sold at the Tar Heel Kids Consignment Sale last month. Of course we talk about and pray for Haiti and our plans to move there daily, but this is still a difficult concept for an eight and ten year old to understand. Anna and Jacob have both done surprisingly well as we've explained we're giving up some of our things in order to serve and share Christ with the people of Haiti. We also found a home for one of our cats. The day a young family came to pick up Peaches was the hardest yet. We had lots of tears.The kids held it together until they pulled out of the driveway but this was tough! My heart hurt for little Anna as she gave up something ( or someone ) she loved. Pray God will work in both their hearts and truly  teach them to sacrifice for others. Pray this for Tom and I too. It's going to be hard to be so far away from all our other family here in the States. We've had fun making a doll house and fort from cardboard boxes and believe me, there will be Barbies, Pollies, and Star Wars Legos in our suitcases when we get on that plane.

Pudding still needs a home. One pet to go.

Getting Jamie and Jess to take some furniture off our hands.