Olivia Hatton, Rugs, and Anna Hatten
One of our goals in getting the house ready to sell was to find our Golden Retriever, Rugs, a home. We were worried this was going to be hard on our children. Our youngest, Anna, is eight  and Jacob is ten. We've only had Rugs a year and he is dearly loved! So when a friend of ours told us she knew a family with four children who would love to have a dog, we were both happy about the poosibility of a new home, but sad to see him go. But we knew this was the right family when we learned they were also Hattons. They spell their name with an o but so does a lot of our family. So Rugs would still be a Hatten/Hatton. We set the date, and  last Friday they came to meet him and take him to his new home. I was a little worried about the kid's reaction, but everything went smoothly. Rugs ran and played with everyone and was extremely happy to jump in their car and drive off. Maybe a little too happy. But it actually made us all laugh and relieved some of the tension as we said good-bye. Later that night and the following days Anna has said she really didn't want to give Rugs away, but we're trying to look forward to all the new adventures coming our way. Now who wants a cat?

LeAnne Bushnell
2/10/2012 09:15:46 am

What a gorgeous dog! So glad you found a good home for him!

8/12/2013 04:11:24 pm

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