Here is a picture of little Anna with our latest round of stomach "stuff." As I write this we are all well, so don't worry. We have just all had our share of sickness. Not sure if it's getting use to the food or living in a children's home. It's probably a little of both. My friend,Suzan, gave Anna this little pink sheet that she loves. She has actually been the healthiest of any of us. I just happened to take this picture while she was under the weather. We know many of you pray for our health, thank you! Please don't stop.

Holt Ludwig
11/15/2012 07:35:58 am

Holt says he hopes Anna is feeling better. He is hopefull that he will get to visit with Anna when you all are back in the states during December. Continued prayers for good health and safe travels.

11/21/2012 03:39:54 am

So sorry sweet Anna! We are praying for you! Get better soon!!!!


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