Missionary biographies have always interested and encouraged me. Reading how faithful Christians have touched their generations challenges me to reach out to my own for the sake of the Gospel. Well, right now I am reading the biography of Nate Saint. Many of you probably remember he was one of the 5 men killed by the  Auca Indian tribe in Ecuador while trying to reach them for the first time with the Gospel. Later many Auca Indians did become Christians and many Christians were inspired to serve on the mission field because of their example.

Nate's father was a quiet man who was in charge of making the stained-glass windows for the Washington Cathedral in Washington, DC when Nate was a boy. In 1936 Nate accepted Christ as his Savior while at camp in the Poconoes. His parents had been faithful to teach Nate and his siblings about God, and he said all his life he had prayed and heard Bible stories but that night it all became real to him. " It was the difference between seeing his father's pencil sketch of a magnificent stained-glass window and seeing the light glow through the real finished window itself."

To all of us who are working with children, in our homes, in school or after school programs in our church or Sunday School, or on the mission field, this should encourage us to keep drawing out those pencil sketches of God's love and plan of salvation. And while we work, lets not forget to  pray that God's Holy Spirit will shine through that window and save these sweet children. This story encouraged me and I hope it encourages you as well. Keep drawing!
10/19/2013 02:32:14 pm

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